January 22, 2016: Introduction


Every day is a chance to move in the direction of a personal goal, to get closer or farther away. You have a goal, right? You don’t? I do and it has been screaming at me for the last five years. But this blog isn’t entirely about my goal; it’s also about yours. Do you want to get in great shape? Live longer? Lose some weight? Run a marathon? Look great in a bathing suit? Be the best that you can be? Since I’m going to be writing about the process that might one day allow me to achieve my goal, my hope is that it might inspire you to identify your goal and then do something every day to get closer to it.

My goal is very specific – someday I want to win a national championship in my age class in the cycling discipline called cyclocross. There, I said it and there it is in black and white. I haven’t succeeded yet but this year I came closer than I ever have. I came into my race in Asheville, North Carolina at the Biltmore Estate on January 6, 2016, in really good shape but not with the complete set of skills that I needed to win. I came in 6th place out of 52 finishers. While I was happy to place this well, it was not my goal to come in 6th. What will it take next year or the year after that or the next ten or twenty years to achieve this goal? What will it take for you to achieve your goal? Discipline, sacrifice, flexibility, a sense of humor, not taking yourself too seriously, dedication, perspective and a brutally honest assessment of your lifestyle and the choices you make? I guess it depends on what your goal is but these are the words that come to mind when I decide how to structure my time day in and day out.

What will follow are periodic posts talking about what I did today or this week to take another step, however small (since I think success is measured in hundreds or thousands of tiny steps), towards this goal. I hope that you find some relevance to your life, to your goals, and can achieve your definition of success by filtering my experience through your own perception. Maybe I could inspire you. I’m inspired by almost everyone around me – some positively, some negatively – to make the decisions I make. Let’s see where this journey can take us.


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